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Young lawyer films brutal fight with boyfriend who beats her

Shocking moment pilot, 24, is captured on victim's hidden cellphone beating, choking and punching his lawyer girlfriend at her Brazilian home

Terrifying video footage has emerged in which a man slaps, punches and chokes his girlfriend during an argument inside her home in Brazil.

Victor Junqueira, 24, was caught on a hidden cellphone camera, attacking Luciana Sinzimbra, 26, after the couple had returned from an outing with friends at a local restaurant on December 15, in the city of Goiania, Brazil.

Sinzimbra, a lawyer, told news outlet TV Globo G1 that she had left a gift at the bar, which angered her pilot boyfriend.

'You can't believe that the person you spent three years with will hurt you, will hit you or [try] to kill you,' Sinzimbra said on Sunday.

Sinzimbra said she feared the argument could escalate and so hid her cellphone in her room, with the camera facing them, and hit record.

The footage, which she says was released without her approval, showed Junquiera sitting directly in front of a crying Sinzimbra on the bed.

Suddenly he slapped her face, and repeatedly hit her legs as she tried to kick him off.

Stop hitting me,' Sinzimbra is heard saying on the video. 'You're hitting me again.'

During the domestic dispute, Junquiera accuses Sinzimbra of lying.

'I'll beat you up more,' he threatened before adding, 'you lied to me that whole time.

Moments later, he jumped onto the bed and grabbed Sinzimbra by the neck and slammed her into the bed.

According to news outlet R7, the victim appeared at a local police station on the day of the assault and pressed charges against Junqueira.

Junquiera was not arrested but 'precautionary measures' were imposed against him, including barring him from contacting Sinzimbra while the Public Ministry in Goias looks over the case.

Junquiera was charged with bodily injury, threat and domestic violence. He faces up to four years and six months in jail if found guilty.

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