by on January 5, 2019

The man who had rented an apartment so his family can live in, has been shocked when after six years, he discovered that he had been paying house rent to his own wife.

According to a social media user who posted the story, the man was surprised that the house rent kept increasing after every two years and when he could take it no more, decided to investigate.
While making the investigation, he discovered the shocking fact that his own wife is his landlady and she had been collecting the entire rent he had been paying.

A Man rented a house and moved in with his family, After 2 years the rent was increased, he did not complain because he liked the house and environment.


After another 2 years, typical of landlord in lagos, the rent was again increased and the man could not come up with the money.

Pressure from the agent made him miserable and that point the wife offered to help, she decided to go borrow and the husband agreed to pay later. He was happy thanking God for the life of his wife.
Another 2 years, Another increase on rent, he was so upset that he decided to meet with the landlord for dialogue but the agent prevented him. After doing underground Investigation to uncover who the landlord was, the revelation shocked him: He REALIZED HE HAS BEEN A TENANT IN A HOUSE BUILT AND OWNED BY HIS WIFE. What would you do ?

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