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As one of the most famous R&B singers in the world, R. Kelly is a household name. Tonight, a new docuseries about the life of the singer will premiere. The ground-breaking six-part documentary will begin Thursday, January 3, and run through Saturday, January 5 on Lifetime. In the words of the network, it will feature women who are coming forward to share their stories about the artist. Lifetime writes, “Celebrated as one of the greatest R&B singers of all time, R. Kelly’s genre defining career and playboy lifestyle has been riddled with rumors of abuse, predatory behavior, and pedophilia. Despite damning evidence and multiple witnesses, to date, none of these accusations have seemingly affected him.”

Now, R. Kelly is gearing up to sue Lifetime if they air the documentary, according to TMZ. Kelly’s lawyer, Brian Nix, reportedly warned the network that the documentary is packed with lies, and he will file a federal lawsuit if they don’t pull the plug.

What do we know about R. Kelly’s family and children? Have they been affected by those who have spoken out against their father? Read on.

1. R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Has Spoken out Against the Singer, Saying Her Life Was ‘Horrible’ While She Was Married to Him

Musician R. Kelly attends his and Tyrese Gibson’s birthday celebration on January 10, 2018 in Woodland Hills, California.

In 1996, Kelly married Andrea Lee, a former backup dancer and the mother of his children. In September 2005, Andrea filed a restraining order against Kelly after a physical confrontation. She filed for divorce in 2006, and it was finalized in 2009.

People sat down and spoke with Lee, who goes by Drea, as part of their latest issue. In her interview, she says that life was “horrible” when she was married to Kelly.

Describing the abuse she underwent, she says, “It started with yelling and being slapped and grabbed. He chips away at your self-esteem, your ability to even think.” Speaking of hitting her low point, Drea tells People, “At the time I didn’t know there was such a thing as spousal rape. He’d tried to lock me in the bathroom. I remember being ready to jump off the balcony of our hotel suite and commit suicide. Thank God I didn’t. After that I said, ‘I’m done.’ In 2004 I called my dad, packed my bags and left with our kids in the night.”

Drea discussed a number of details about the alleged abuse on The View as well, saying that what she underwent with Kelly led her to contemplate suicide. “One time he attacked me in the back of a Hummer, and I do suffer from PTSD because of it … I thought I was gonna die in the back of the Hummer,” Drea said on the show.

R. Kelly’s management team did not comment on the allegations after Drea’s appearance on The View. Source:

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